Walking holiday in West Cyclades: Milos, Sifnos & Serifos

Walking holiday in West Cyclades


HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS Walking holiday in West Cyclades: SIFNOS, SERIFOS & MILOS

Experience ancient paths that lead through astonishing landscapes with panoramic sea views, picturesque villages and harbors, rare geological formations, medieval castles, archeological sites to virgin, solitary beaches…


Tour Duration: 7, 10 or 14 days (option to combine with Santorini)
Group Size: Small groups or private
Season: March – November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Low season Per Person Price: 7-day package: 682 Euro, 10-day package: 974 Euro (check our offers)
High season Per Person Price: 7-day package: 737 Euro, 10-day package: 1,052 Euro (check our offers)


Join a small group of like-minded people, walk with us around the islands of Serifos, Sifnos & Milos and discover the “unknown” West Cyclades. Serifos and Sifnos will impress you with their traditional villages of snow-white houses, churches with blue domes, Venetian castles, ancient ruins, inexhaustible variety of beautiful hiking trails which lead to tranquil sandy beaches, delicious local food and wine…

Volcanic Milos will enchant you with its diversity, coastal morphology and rare geological formations… with its 75 beaches,  crystal, deep blue waters, picturesque harbors, colorful volcanic rocks, archeological sites, unique flora and endemic fauna…


green_bullet Explore the “unknown” West Cyclades & traditional Cycladic island lifestyle,
green_bullet Picturesque white washed villages and harbors,
green_bullet An inexhaustible variety of beautiful hiking trails,
green_bullet Stunning beaches to swim and snorkel,
green_bullet Archeological sites; catacombs, ancient theatre and cities,
green_bullet Eco focus: introduction to the local flora and fauna,
green_bullet Delicious local food & wine,
green_bullet Traditional accommodation,
green_bullet Friendly, expert guides.

Important areas of Sifnos, Serifos and Milos are integrated into the European Network of Natural Protected Areas “Natura 2000”. There are at least 19 important species of animals and plants, many of them rare and endemic to the area. Some 40 species of birds have been documented, with 16 of these considered as protected species.  Milos is also known for its unique fauna with endemic species such as the Milos Wall lizard, the extremely rare Milos Grass Snake, Milos Green Lizard and Milos Viper, one of the most interesting and rare animals in Europe.

Learn all about the island’s history, culture, archaeology, wildlife, herbs and their uses.

Our guides will introduce to the local flora and fauna with presentations and observations, provide useful historical information… and of course introduce you to the local traditions (i.e. food, feasts “paniyiria”) and culture. For many of our guests this is the best aspect of the holiday!

Please have a look at our sample ‘Walking holiday in West Cyclades’ itinerary that will show you what you will experience while walking with us around the islands of Serifos, Sifnos & Milos:


Day 1: Orientation, history and culture of Serifos, Sifnos & Milos
Arrival at the island of Serifos and transfer to our traditional, family-run guesthouse. Orientation and introduction on the history and culture of the islands of Serifos, Sifnos & Milos: the West Cyclades. Walk to one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Psili Ammos. Rest. Walk in the evening to the main village, the Chora, for our welcome supper at our favourite local tavern where you will taste delicious local dishes!!
Day 2: Walk through agricultural land offering panoramic sea views
 We’ll start our walk from the picturesque reservation of Kallitsos with its pretty square, narrow streets & white traditional houses, situated on a verdurous valley. We’ll ascend the paved trail towards the ruined village of Xero and Profitis Ilias in order to admire the panoramic views of the island and the deep blue sea. On the way you will encounter clusters of oaks, experience the unique flora of the Aegean, pass pigeon houses and a unique mill called “tavlomilos” which instead of sails, it had long planks of wood as well as a vertical axis of rotation. We’ll then take the ancient path towards the old settlement of Triandafillos with its numerous orchards, the oak forest of Voudomantra and the impressive church of Skopiani.
Day 3: Circular walk through abandoned villages and isolated beach
Today we’ll follow a circular trail starting from the abandoned village of Pyrgos. We’ll take a very clear and beautiful rocky trail through agricultural land, cross a pretty creek as we descend towards the reservation of Galani, which owes its name to the old galenite mines. Soon the bay appears and a seductive view of the deserted beach of Sykamia is revealed. You’ll have the chance to have a pic nic under the shade of the tamarisks, rest and swim at its crystal clear waters. On the way back we’ll follow a different route towards the beautiful Byzantine church of Panayia dating from the 10th century, leaving behind us the beautiful view of Sykamia and the surrounding islands.

Ferry to Sifnos, transfer to our guesthouse and supper at the picturesque main village, Apollonia.

Day 4: Walk untouched & peaceful parts towards isolated beach
Today we’ll make our way through one of the most untouched and peaceful parts of the island of Sifnos. We’ll hike around the highest hill of the monastery of Profitis Ilias passing the church of St Marina, St Konstantinos and Panayia Toso Nero reaching the isolated little pebble beach of Vlasi. Time for a swim and a snack at its crystal clear waters.

During our walk you’ll enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the whole island and the surrounding islands of the Cyclades. The smell of herbs will accompany us and depending on the season you’ll be able to gather thyme, oregano, lavender, sage to name a few. Around April and May wild flowers including rare species are abound. We’ll end our day’s walk at the port of Kamares and its local tavern with a drink and a meze. (Walking time: 4,5 hours hours. Actual walking: 7 hours.) 

Day 5: Circular walk to admire picturesque villages with stunning views
Today we’ll follow the beautiful trail from Apollonia towards the Kastro reservation. The beautifully paved path is a flight of stairs – zigzags between fields with olive trees, bee hives and some pigeon towers. We’ll pass from the pretty village of Kato Petali and within the hour we’ll reach Kastro, one of the most picturesque villages and the most important from an archeological point of view. The village has been inhabited uninterruptedly since the prehistoric times. The village took its name from the “castle” which is formed by its buildings. The village will impress you as it keeps its fortification medieval (Venetian) structural form unalterable. After a short break to swim at the crystal clear waters below the Kastro… and an extended stop to admire the stunning rock formations and deep blue of the Aegean Sea, we will continue towards the church of Panayia Poulati.

Walking along the coast, you’re likely to spot on the way beautiful gulls and shags that hang around in these waters. More exciting sightings are possible during spring and autumn migration. In the evening we’ll explore the little village of Artemonas with its neoclassical mansions and enjoy another delicious supper. We’ll end the day with the most pleasant stroll through the picturesque villages of Artemonas, Ano Petali and finally Apollonia. (Walking time: 2,5 hours. Actual walking time: 4 hours.)

Day 6: Rest day
Opportunity to rest or explore the island’s numerous beaches, villages and various sites. The options are endless and we’ll be happy to offer you advice.
Day 7: Walk through a Natura 2000 area to the loneliest part of Sifnos
Today we’ll make our way towards one of the loneliest parts of the island, Fikiada bay in the south. Fikiada is ranked amongst the islands’ nicest beaches and can only be reached on foot or by boat. We’ll start our hike from the bay of Vathy and walk for a little bit more than an hour through a Natura 2000 area enjoying an environment of extreme beauty.

You can have lunch and swim at the bays’ secluded, turquoise waters. Our guide will be happy to take you snorkeling inside the bay and introduce you to the unique underwater biodiversity of the East Med. From Foikiada we will then walk towards another magnificent bay and beach; Platy Yalos. We will end the day with supper at one of our favourite local taverns. (Walking time: 2,5 hours. Actual walking time: 5 hours.)

Day 8: Archeological tour to the Mycenaean Citadel of Agios Andreas
Today we’ll walk towards one of the most beautiful bays of Sifnos, Vathy. On the way we’ll stop at the monastery of Fyrogia and the hill of Agios Andreas where we’ll admire the most important archaeological sites of Sifnos, the Mycenaean Citadel of Agios Andreas while enjoying the panoramic view over the villages of Sifnos and the nearby islands.

We’ll continue our hike towards the magnificent monastery of Agios Νikolas T’Aerina, an ideal place to stop for a rest, a snack or to admire the view. Shortly we will arrive at the long beach of Vathy where you can swim and watch the colorful sunset. We’ll end the day at one of the island’s oldest taverns and enjoy local delicacies and traditional island music. (Walking time: 3,5 hours. Actual walking time: 5 hours.)

Day 9: Coastal walk with stunning volcanic landscapes & beaches
Morning ferry to Milos. Today we’ll follow a beautiful route that will allow you to appreciate the unique landscapes of Milos… colorful volcanic rocks, stunning views of the coast, picturesque harbors, creeks and canyons. We’ll start our hike from the excavations of Fylakopi, once an important Minoan city. We’ll walk along the coast towards Papafranga, where you can swim at the “unreal”, turquoise waters of this short ravine into which the sea water flows under a rocky arch, and the beautiful beach of Pachaina. Our next stop is the beautiful natural picturesque harbor of Ag. Konstantinos, where you can explore its sea caves, and Mytakas where you can admire its traditional boat garages within the rocks.

Our walk will continue towards the most famous beach of Milos, Sarakiniko, known for its lunar landscape as long horizontal volcanic rocks have been eroded by sea water and have turned bright white, a contrast with the turquoise blue of the sea. Our last stop is the picturesque little harbor of Mandrakia where you’ll enjoy a drink and a meze. Supper at the picturesque village of Plaka after visiting the castle and watching the most enchanting sunset from the village “balcony” offering great views of western Milos, Adamas Bay, and Antimilos.

Day 10: Historical walk reaching the archeological site of Ancient Milos
We’ll start our walk from the port of Adamas, pass olive groves, abandoned & cultivated fields and small farms. You’ll have the chance to admire the typical Cycladic phrygana vegetation, such as mastic, genista, prickly burnet, Jerusalem sage… aromatic herbs, such as thyme and Greek sage… and Milos’ unique fauna with endemic species such as the Milos Wall lizard, Milos Grass Snake, Milos Green Lizard and Milos Viper.

We’ll reach Trypiti (“full of holes”), a quaint village, which took its name from the fact that it was built over the catacombs, an Early Christian cemetery, carved in soft volcanic tuff. In the 19th century, the first settlers built their houses a few meters from the walls of the ancient city of Milos, using materials from the walls and other buildings.

We’ll continue to visit the catacombs and the archaeological site of ancient Milos where the famous statue of the Aphrodite of Milos was found in 1820. After visiting the ancient theater we’ll walk through the ruins and wall of the ancient city towards the coast. What a perfect way to end the walking holiday! Farewell supper.


Flexible itineraries are available based on the needs of our guests. We can organise a more challenging or a more relaxed-pace itinerary offering you more time to relax and enjoy the sea and sun of the West Cyclades and Serifos, Sifnos & Milos.

Solo travellers are welcome. It’s always more fun to walk with a group of like-minded travellers.


We organise our walking holiday in West Cyclades all year round apart from mid July to the end of August when it’s too hot.

green_bullet  March: blossom is out.
green_bullet  April to mid June: for wild flowers, sunshine and moderate temperatures. The Easter period is recommended as it’s one of the most important celebrations in Greece and you’ll have the chance to experience traditional feasts and gatherings.
green_bullet  September to– end of November: for warm seas, gentle weather and autumn flowers. Grapes and olive harvests are in September-November.

We have reserved for you lovely authentic family-run guesthouses at very central location.  The owners are very hospitable and helpful and are known to provide the most delicious breakfasts. We’ll send you full details.

The combination of natural beauty and culture but also the hospitality of her residents will make this holiday unforgettable for you.

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