Walking holiday in Andros and Tinos

walking holiday in Andros and Tinos


Explore the greenest and most diverse yet undiscovered islands of the Cyclades!..


Tour Duration: 7 or 10 days
Group Size: Small groups
Season: March – November
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Low season Per Person Price: 7-day package: 682 EUR, 10-day package: 997 EUR (check our offers)
High season Per Person Price: 7-day package: 737 Euro, 10-day package: 1,093 EUR (check our offers)


If you are a nature lover or one who seeks an unfrequented walking adventure, we cannot think of a better holiday to recommend than our walking holiday in Andros and Tinos!

Andros is mountainous and is intersected with a number of mountain ridges which create numerous fertile valleys, steep ravines and deep gorges. In comparison to the rest of the Cyclades it rains a lot and there are numerous rivers, streams, springs and waterfalls. As a result Andros is remarkably green and characterised by a rich flora and diverse landscape which are waiting for you to be explored.

Areas covering almost half of the island are Natura 2000, Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) or wildlife sanctuaries where many rare or endemic species find refuge. Oak trees, cypresses, plane, chestnut & walnut trees, weeping willows, poplar and olive trees, fields of thyme, oregano & sage, unique wild flowers… can be observed along the ancient paved paths which reach 150km in length that connect the 60 picturesque villages, castles, churches, watermills, farms, byzantine monasteries, solitary golden beaches…

Andros received the European Certification Hiking Trail «Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe» and is the first island in Europe which has been nominated this certification.

Our local hiking guides look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to these enchanting, verdant and “hidden” parts of the Cyclades…


DAYs 1-6

Day 1: Orientation and introduction to the history and culture of Andros
Arrival at Andros, transfer to the capital Chora and check-in at our guesthouse. Opportunity to walk the narrow alleys and enjoy the unique architecture and atmosphere of this picturesque town. Welcome drinks and Greek ‘mezes’ in the evening, orientation and briefing on the week’s activities.
Day 2: Hike & get familiar with the rich naval tradition of Andros

Today we’ll start our hike from the verdant village of Apoikia known for its springs. Our first stop will be the impressive Pythara waterfalls which falls down into a crystal clear pool. We’ll follow a stepped path, across lush landscapes of oaks, olive and walnut trees, along the river. While walking across the riverbed, you will have the chance to discover the unique nature of the island, visit old castle-houses, stone bridges, watermills, traditional olive presses, impressive old mansions, evidence of the maritime tradition of the island. Our final destination is the unspoilt beach of Gialia where we’ll stop for a picnic and a swim. We’ll end our walk back at the Chora. (Walking time: 3 hours hours. Actual walking: 5 hours.)

Day 3: Hike old Venetian cobbled paths leading to pre-industrial monuments

Starting from the Chora, we will follow the ancient path connecting the two old medieval castles of the island leading to the bay of Korthi. This route used to be the central agricultural and commercial avenue for southeastern Andros until 1950. Following a well preserved stoned path we’ll make our first stop at the mountainous village of Sineti. After exploring the village, we’ll continue towards the small river of Dipotamata, crossing a long valley of extreme natural beauty and environmental interest.

The unspoilt natural environment offers shelter to a variety of animals and birds… as well as plants, such as oaks, ivies, fig trees and various herbs. You’ll be impressed by the 22 watermills which survive along the entire gorge. The old path leads us to Kochilou, a traditional seamen’s village, where we can stop to admire the stunning view to Korthi Bay. We’ll finally take the picturesque downhill cobbled footpath and end our walk at Korthi where we can rest, swim at one of its beautiful beaches and have lunch. Transfer to Chora. (Walking time: 4.5 hours hours. Actual walking: 6 hours.)

Day 4: Hike along protected Achla River and reach unspoilt beach

Today we’ll start our hike from an authentic rural village built at 620m altitude, Vourkoti village. We’ll walk towards a deep river, cross it using an old stone footbridge and reach St. Nicolaos Monastery where we’ll stop for a visit and a rest. We’ll follow an impressive agricultural path bordered by plane trees, stretching parallel to the river Achla, towards the homonymous rare and officially protected wetland. We’ll end our walk at the unspoilt beach of Achla, where the river estuary forms a small lagoon which constitutes a heaven for both migrant and resident birds. Its pebble beach, dunes, caves, crystal clear waters make it an ideal place for us to rest, swim and have a picnic. (Walking time: 5 hours hours. Actual walking: 7 hours.) 

Day 5: Circular walk through the old Byzantine centre leading to Monastery

Today you’ll enjoy a beautiful hike around the picturesque, green villages surrounding the Chora reaching the Castle-Monastery of Panachrados situated at the 2nd highest mountain range of Andros, Gerakonas. We’ll walk via an excellent footpath towards the settlements of Ypsilou and Lamyra, where a small detour will take us to the exceptionally beautiful, verdant village of Menites and its springs. The village’s name is originated from “maenads”, the nymphs of god Dionysus. In the village’s square there are many water fountains, whose water was considered therapeutic in ancient times. Along with the long-lived trees and the river that flows through the village, they create a magical scenery.

We’ll take the paved footpath through the settlements of Messaria, the old Byzantine center of the island, we’ll cross the legendary arched bridge of Stichiomeni and explore the abandoned village of Petrias. We’ll reach Panachrantou Monastery at 590m, an important historical and architectural monument in Andros. The hospitable monks will show us around. After a short rest and picnic under the old plane tree we will descend towards the riverbed of the “Big River” and the lushly vegetated valley of Livadia. The excellent path along the river, which flows into the beach Paraporti creating a particularly interesting wetland, leads you to the center of the city.  (Walking time: 6.5 hours. Actual walking time: 8 hours.)

Day 6: Rest Day
Opportunity for walking around the town, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, scuba diving, attending a cooking lesson, arranging your own tour to some of the many interesting sites of the island. There are many options and our team of guides will be very happy to help you with suggestions.

Ferry in the evening to the island of Tinos and transfer to our traditional, family-run guesthouse. Orientation and introduction on the history and culture of the island and supper at one of our favourite traditional taverns.


Days 7-10

This 4-day-long walking trail holiday will offer you the opportunity to explore the “unknown” Cycladic island of Tinos with its numerous deserted ancient paths and trails, enjoy the architecture of pigeon houses, windmills and countless churches, stone walls, fountains, giant rocks with strange shapes…

You will walk through villages untouched by time with picturesque houses, arches, carved doorways, marble fountains, cobbled streets… you will reach and swim at stunning, secluded beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters… you will taste Cycladic delicacies such as local cheeses and proscuito “Louza”, froutalia omelette… you will observe and appreciate the unique flora and fauna of this mountainous island…

The philosopher Kastoriadis called the island “hand-made Tinos” as it’s the homeland of renowned great artists of marble carving. According to the legend, the famous sculptor of the ancient times, Fidias, had taught the secrets of his art to the locals. Their admirable craft is displayed in chapels, fountains, arches and pigeon lofts.

Day 7: Hike through traditional villages towards incredible 'Lunar' Volax

Our hike starts from the picturesque village of Steni and passes through some of the most beautiful villages of Tinos. We’ll first walk up to Dyo Choria, and then continue our exploration around the villages of Triandaros, Arnados, Tzadros, Kehros and Falatados. These villages will impress you with their medieval air, architecture and lovely views of the southern part of the island and the neighboring Cycladic islands. The houses built amphitheatrically on lush hillsides with running water, squares with trees and flowers, springs and fountains, narrow streets and alleys, arches, terraces… all characterize the villages. It’s hard to choose from the many spots where to stop to rest, relax and have a snack.

We’ll then continue our hike to an area of outstanding natural beauty towards the village of Volax. Large, almost perfectly round grey rocks dot the plateau and slopes around Volax, creating a stunning sight and unique geological phenomenon. Its unique surrounding of big round rocks gives the whole landscape a lunar appearance. We’ll have supper at one of the oldest taverns of the village where you will have the chance to try their own cheeses, vegetables, meat and of course raki! Perfect ending of the day. (Walking time: 3,5 hours hours. Actual walking with lunch and stops: 6 hours. Grade: easy.)

Day 8: Hike to the granite rock of Xombourgo to admire the impressive views

Starting from the picturesque, medieval village of Tarampados, we’ll explore the village and the surrounding 20 well-preserved pigeon houses, some of which are truly works of art. We will follow a network of paved paths and dirt roads in one of the fertile valleys of the island, across farming landscapes and olive groves, towards the villages of Kambos, Loutra and Koumaros.

We’ll continue our walk towards Xombourgo, a huge granite mountain 640m high, passing through the ruins of the Venetian castle of St. Helen, which used to be very powerful and protected the island from enemies and pirates. We’ll walk to the top to admire the impressive views and have a picnic. (Walking time: 3,5 hours hours. Actual walking with lunch and stops: 6 hours. Grade: easy.) 

Day 9: Cross fertile valley to reach remote lighthouse & solitary beach

Today we’ll begin our walking adventure from the traditional settlement of Falatados. We’ll take the ancient stone-paved path that crosses the Livadha valley, follow a riverbed characterized by its rich vegetation, mainly of plane and oak trees. There are remains of old water-mills and picturesque chapels along the path where we can stop to rest. We’ll reach the solitary beach of Livadha which stands apart because of its sculpture-like rocks and fine sand. Perfect place for relaxing, swimming and a picnic.

We’ll continue our walk towards the lighthouse on the northeastern tip of Tinos where you will have the chance to admire the magnificent views to the deep blue of the Aegean sea and surrounding Cycladic islands. You’re likely to spot on the way many sea birds, predators and passerines as the Aegean islands are a stopover on the long migratory journey of birds.(Walking time: 4 hours. Actual walking time: 6 hours. Grade: moderate.) 

Day 10: Walk across remote land to the 'marble' village of Tinos

We’ll start our hike from the small, well-preserved village of Platia and we’ll follow a not so widely known path towards the remains of an agricultural village, Karabousa. We’ll continue to explore this wild land till we reach the Church of Ag. Paraskevi to observe the Saint’s miraculous icon and stop for a snack and a rest. We’ll descend towards the beautiful bay of Panormos and walk along the coast to the beaches of Voula, Aghia Thalasa, Kavalorko towards the island Planitis.

Our day’s hike will end with a visit to the the biggest “marble” village of Tinos, Pyrghos. Apart from its spectacular views you will admire plenty of marble adornments on houses, churches and in the pretty town square, as this village has a long tradition of carving and is home to many marble artists. The lovely Platanos square awaits for you to enjoy a delicious meal prepared with local ingredients! (Walking time: 2,5 hours. Actual walking time: 4,5 hours.) 


Our walks of this walking holiday in Andros and Tinos in the Cyclades are graded as moderate. We will walk mainly on paths of moderate gradient with ascents of up to 500m in a day. We will walk up to 5-6 hours in the day including stops to rest and for lunch.

Flexible itineraries are available based on the needs of our guests. We can organise a more challenging or a more relaxed-pace itinerary offering you more time to relax and enjoy the sea and sun of the Aegean sea.

Solo travellers are welcome. It’s always more fun to walk with a group of like-minded travellers.


We organise our walking holidays in Andros and Tinos islands in Greece all year round apart from between middle July and end of August when it can be quite warm to walk. Spring and autumn are the best times of year for walking. In spring nature is at its most abundant. The Judas tree and the broom are flowering and the island is covered with a blanket of wild flowers. During the walks you can also discover rare orchids. The colorful butterflies are a feast for the eyes; you smell herbs like thyme, oregano and sage. In the summer, it is a little drier but in autumn the first rains bring a new shower of flowers and amazing autumn colors.

We have reserved for you lovely authentic family-run guesthouses. The owners are very hospitable and helpful and are known to provide the most delicious breakfasts.

Andros & Tinos are very central located and are well connected with other islands in the Cyclades if you wish to continue your holiday. We’ll be very happy to help with advice.

The combination of natural beauty, culture but also the hospitality of the residents will make this walking holiday in Andros and Tinos islands, Greece, unforgettable for you.

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