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Friendly naturalist guides

All the members of our team are naturalists and aim to introduce you to the unique nature and culture of our country. They have developed an itinerary so meticulously that you will experience the most idyllic sceneries and landscapes, well paved paths, solitary beaches, the friendliest and most welcoming guesthouses, the most delicious food…

They have acquired extensive knowledge of the places we offer holidays to and built strong relationships with the locals, meaning that you benefit from expert advice prior and during your holiday.

They are passionate about introducing you to the local culture, history, wildlife and… guiding you through the walking holiday adventure of a lifetime!

Meet our team of guides…

625530_10151966580379750_1268479381_nHoliday Advisor & Walking Guide

Annie Antonatou 

Annie was born in Athens on 31st August 1973. Annie started her career in the world of marketing and publishing but soon her love for the outdoors brought her together with the rest of the nofootprint team. They launched successfully in 2006 an eco sailing business around the Greek islands and ‘nofootprint eco walking holidays’ is their latest project.

Annie has been working as a guide and living in the islands for almost 10 years, meaning that you will benefit from her expert advice prior to your holiday and will learn a lot about your chosen region’s history, natural beauty and, of course, the local culture. When you contact our office, Annie will be very happy to help you choose the walking holiday that is right for you, help you with your travel arrangements and answer all your questions.

Annie is a keen hiker and mountaineer and has been guiding travellers around the traditional paths of the Greek islands for the last 8 years. Annie speaks fluently English and basic Italian and French.

Annie is also a certified Day Skipper (RYA) and has sailed around 15,000 miles in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. She’s also a PADI certified Diving Instructor (Open Water Diver Instructor & EFR First Aid Instructor).


WALKING GUIDE & wildlifE photographEr

Andrea Bonnetti

Andrea is a scientist but also an artist who will introduce you to the unique fauna and flora of the islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas. Born in Switzerland, he pursued his studies in Biological Sciences at the University of Pavia in Italy. He moved to Greece in order to begin his research on the birds of the Gialova Lagoon of Pylos, Peloponnese.  Wildlife photography soon became his first occupation.

He’s travelled around Greece with his camera while taking part in researches and studies of the local wildlife and ecology of various NGOs. His photos have been published on a number of national and international magazines, including the National Geographic and the BBC Wildlife Magazine. Andrea has also published several books on Greek nature such as “40 Natural Paradises” (in partnership with WWF), a guide to the 40 most interesting protected areas of Greece.

Andrea also had the honor of winning two awards in the prestigious photo contest BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year, in 1999 and in 2004. His pictures can be found at the UK Photo Library and at his website

Andrea is keen to share with you his passion and knowledge about Greek wildlife. He speaks fluently English, Italian, French, German and modern Greek.


Chantel Kyriakopoulou-Beuvink

Chantel has had a passion for nature, especially wild flowers, ever since she can remember. She was born and raised in The Netherlands where she studied International Agricultural Trade (BSc) at the International Agricultural College Larenstein and Agricultural & Environmental Economics (MSc) at Wageningen University. Her year long relationship with Greece started when she met her Greek husband Kyriakos.

After a career in The Netherlands as an EU Regulation expert at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Fisheries and later as a Consultant of Environmental Management she started her “second life” in Greece in 2006.  She has worked in nature conservation as a Coordinator of Corporate Partnership for the Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece and as a volunteer for WWF Hellas. Since 2009 she has been working as a naturalist tour guide. She is the founder of Natural Greece and a Holiday Advisor here at 

She speaks fluently German, English, Dutch and Greek, intermediary Spanish and basic French.

WALKING GUIDE & EnvironmEntalist

Sotiris Alexiou

Sotiris is one of the leaders in the field of nature & wildlife in Greece, with 20 years of field experience. He has a passion about wildlife and a deep knowledge of the Greek flora and fauna all over Greece. Sotiris has been working as an eco tourist guide for many years now. Apart from nofootprint, he also co-operates with tour operators such as Greenwings and Keytours.

He is the editor of the journal Parnassiana Archives which publishes papers concerning the wildlife of Greece (taxonomy, check lists, new records, e.t.c). He is also the owner of the publishing company ‘Wild Greece Editions‘. Finally he is the author of the book ‘100 Endemic Plants of Greece’, published in 2012. Sotiris speaks fluently English.


Nikos Boutsinis

Nikos has 20 years of experience in the hotel and travel industry in Greece and abroad, and holds a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management from the Oxford Brookes University. Having worked for the leading travel and hotel companies, he has gained extensive knowledge of the needs of the modern traveler.

Having a passion for nature, he decided to take his experience of bespoke travel experiences to the great outdoors. Having lived and travelled all over mainland and island Greece, he moved to Santorini where he founded Santorini Walking Tours. He is dedicated to offering personalized services and an experiential approach, blending sophistication with intimacy.

He speaks fluent Greek, English and basic German, and is willing to go the extra mile in order to offer an experience that will exceed your expectations.



Daphne Kalafati

Daphne studied photography and education and then followed a Masters degree in Art Therapy in Argentina. Combining both disciplines she travelled around the world giving workshops of participatory video to children. Today she lives and works in Athens, continues her teaching practices while directing her own documentary films.

Daphne’s love for the mountains has followed her since a very young age. She started climbing on the Greek mountains and then continued her mountaineering career in the Alps. The climax came when she travelled to the Andes where she spent almost a year walking in several national parks. Today, back in Greece, she has re-discovered the Greek islands through their traditional paths that she started exploring in 2008.

Daphne looks forward to guiding you around the undiscovered paths of the islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas.


Ariana Masselou

After many years of experience in the cinema industry as a successful marketer, her love for nature and the art of taiji convinced her to change her life. She moved to a small rural village in Andros, the greenest Cycladic island, known for its magic energy!

Hiking was her hobby since she was studying in France, so she soon explored (and is still exploring) inch by inch the andriotic land, wandering the old routes, discovering and “feeling” this peculiar countryside, studying its history and culture through books and getting closer to the locals.

In 2011, she and a few friends with the same attitude towards life, decided to make up a team that would introduce the “alternative” Andros to travelers. So they created Trekking Andros. Their aim is to offer real alternative tourism services, with activities that animate and enrich with new experiences the mind, body and soul of the visitor!

Ariana speaks French, English, she worships the God Sun, and she live with 11 cats… “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

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