Greece has the largest coastline in europe… it’s a country dominated by the deep blue sea. The most famous island group in the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades, is comprised by 24 inhabited islands that form an imaginary circle around the sacred island of Delos. They present the tips of drowned mountain ridges and offer an innumerable network of ancient paths and trails to be discovered by you!

Each Cycladic island offers you its own unique experiences: from the cultural life of Syros to the laid back island life of Amorgos… the diverse and lush agricultural lifestyle of Naxos… to the culinary delights of Sifnos… the volcanic islands and dramatic cliffs of Santorini.

Easily accessible from Athens and major international airports, the Cyclades have maintained a traditional way of life and the hospitality and genuine character of the local people will pleasantly surprise you! It is the reason why people go back year after year!

We offer 4-day,  7-day and 10-day island-hopping self-guided walking adventures that will introduce you to our favourite natural, cultural, historical and walking destinations.

Cyclades islands self-guided walking holidays

Naxos & Santorini offer unique walking holiday opportunities in the Cyclades. You will experience:


Discover the best of the island of Santorini on foot as you explore walking trails high above the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, hike between picturesque villages that cling to cliff faces, visit the New and Old Kameni islands created by the volcano… watch the sunset at the chic Oia and enjoy delicious suppers…

images Absorb the breathtaking panoramic views to the sunken Caldera,
images Soak up the atmosphere and sunsets of chic Oia village,
images Walk along volcanic islands,
images Stroll though hidden villages off the beaten path,
images Explore a preserved ancient town burried for years under volcanic ash,
images Visit 100 years old vineyards and taste amazing volcanic wines,
images Discover the world famous island of Santorini at your own pace!

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images Walk the ancient paths of the the largest, richest and most diverse Cycladic island,
images Experience traditional island life and unique customs and cultural happenings,
images Stroll through picturesque mountainous villages,
images Explore the Venetian Castles and towers scattered around the island,
images Discover Naxos’ unique nature by walking through its fertile valleys, springs and rivers,
images Hike to the highest peak of the Cyclades to enjoy spectacular views to the Aegean sea,
images Walk along a protected juniper forest and the longest sandy coastline in the Cyclades,
images Taste organic home made food,
images Experience the unique hospitality of the locals,
images Learn all about the Cycladic wild flowers and collect herbs!

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